Engage, Encourage, Empower !  

All the World's a Stage!

How about them apples?!

Hold on to your hats and glasses kids-Your in for a wild ride!

 Well, it seems another change is upon the horizon. If not for the Lord's guidance and leading, I might feel like a boat adrift on the water. But God is good even in the midst of so much shifting all around me. How will everything come to fruition...I know not.  But I know God has it in His good and faithful hands.

In these moments I often feel like I don't fit in.  But the truth of the matter is...WE ALL FIT IN! We just are made to fit into different places for different reasons.  If we could finally come to that as the church, life would be much simpler. Scripture is pretty clear about this.

Romans 12:4 says "For as we have many members in one body, but all the members do not have the same function; so we being many, are one body in Christ, and individually members of one another. Having then gifts DIFFERING according to the grace that has been given us..."

We are all a part of the body, but we have all been given different gifts according to God's grace! A gift freely given to us from God Himself so that we have a use and a purpose in His body...a way to serve.  DUDE!

Next steps might be treachurous for me. Some will not understand, I may lose some support.  I leave it in the capable hands of my God and King- cause in the end- He gave me my marching orders.  He infilled me with His vision for the Netherlands and beyond- He sent me. So I go.

My seat belt is buckled. 2021 is not over.

It is going to be a wild, good, fun, new ride!

Live to be a Blessing!


Brenda J.