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All the World's a Stage!!!!

  Job 42:2

I know that You can do all thing, and no purpose of Yours can be thwarted."

This is a well spring of possibility for those of us who love God and are called TOGETHER according to His purpose.

I awoke this morning with a radical thought. 

What if...

What if we we the church, stopped worrying about getting our Christian agenda elected or made into law.  And like God, as we are made in His image, just LOVED PEOPLE. Loved people, truly loved people like Christ loved the church.  HE laid His life down for us.  What if we did that and allowed those people the Free Will to choose Christ for themeselves? 

What if...

We the church stopped being afraid of being insignificant, irrelevant, unheard or forgotten; and reached out our hands in love to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, reaching the lost, the broken and  the unloved.

What if?

Some might say....Then we would be THE CHURCH.


Brenda J.