Bringing LIFE to the Stage and the Stage to LIFE!                   

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All the World's a Stage!!!!

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Creating and Planting an Artistic Community of Faith

De Brug Artistiek Netwerk

We will create a place where artists can come weekly/daily to discover and grow in their faith, their sense of community through working on and honing and strengthening God given gifts. A place where they are encouraged and loved and shown that their life and talents have a greater purpose, that they are needed in the body of Christ, and just how precious they are to God.  We will have a building that will serve as a Performance, as well as a Makers Space. 

We will hosts gallery events for our fine artists, sculptures and photographers.  We will host Theater performances, and recitals. We will host workshops, trainings and conferences to continue to grow as artists and as a community.  We will have a team of artists coming together to train the next generation of artists. StageLife will continue bringing LIFE to the stage being the evangelism arm of De Brug building a bridge to the community. Further we will use our art to collaborate with the region for community action projects, helping our city and the people in it.  We will have daily devotions with the staff/leaders that teach our classes and lead trainings.  And, weekly, we will have a time of fellowship and a Bible study to disciple and grow together in our faith. 



Brenda J.